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Product Image WiFiPerf Professional - 10 License Bundle

WiFiPerf Professional - 10 License Bundle


WiFiPerf Professional is a bandwidth performance measurement app for Mac OS. It can operate as a testing client that connects to different testing servers. Use WiFiPerf Professional to test to Mac OS, iOS, Windows, and Android that have either iPerf3 (server mode) or a WiFiPerf EndPoint running.

It was built for testing bandwidth to other devices, such as other desktops/laptops or mobile devices.  This ensures real-world network testing of actual devices within a network.

WiFiPerf Professional allows users to queue multiple tests to varying clients, with varying test settings.  Save test queues for quick and easy retesting of the same clients and settings.

Built upon the open source iPerf3 software (available for many operating systems), WiFiPerf Professional is able to measure the available TCP and UDP bandwidth along a path between two hosts.  This includes both wired and wireless devices on the network.

  • Ability to Test 10 Target Servers/Endpoints in a Queue Included
  • 1 Year License Including Software Support